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TEPAI-Greek Cruising Tax and DEKPA

Yiannis Zenzefilis, Greece

revised 10th of May 2020

TEPAI-Greek Cruising Tax  legislation has created a lot of confusion. In this blog post we will try to clarify the procedure as well as answer some common questions regarding this requirement.

The first thing you should do upon identifying a possible emergency is assess the cause of the problem and understand if this problem requires immediate assistance from the port police. 

You should then ask all passengers onboard to wear their life jackets and remain on deck. 

On your radio you should request for assistance on channel 16 there are 3 types of announcements you can use 

  • MAY DAY (3 times) used in cases when a life is at risk.
  • PAN PAN (3 times) when an emergency is declared but there is no life-threatening situation.
  • SECURITE (3 times) cases of 3rd priority ie you identify another yacht which is in danger or a situation presents a danger to navigation. 

For MAY DAY and PAN PAN you should transmit verbally the following information: 

  1. Yacht Name and MMSI or Registration number i.e. ALBATROS SX4256 (3 times).
  2. Location GPS coordinates or information that will help authorities identify your location.
  3. Type of danger (sinking, fire, engine failure etc.).
  4. Type of help requested. 

In the following link you can download a file that you can print and keep near your radio in case of emergency, you can fill in your yacht information and have this ready when needed.



TEPAI-Greek cruising tax is required by all yachts cruising in Greek water (all flags) you will need to pay the fees at a financial institution. Keep the receipt as you will be asked to provide it by the Coast Guard, Port Authority, Private Marina administration officials and Greek Customs Officers. To begin the issuing process click on the following link.


A guide for completting the e-TEPAI issuing process is available at the following link, we have found this to be clear and detailed.


The following table displays the fees per month and per year (10% Discount) for TEPAI-Greek Cruising Tax depending on LOA.

TEPAI-Greek cruising tax is payble only for the time the yacht is cruising in the Greek Waters and it can be paid on a monthly basis or yearly basis.


  • Yacht is travelling between 01.08-28.08(TEPAI-Greek cruising tax  is payable only for the month of August)
  • Yacht is travelling between 15.08-10.09(TEPAI-Greek cruising tax is payable for August and September)
  • Yacht is on Dry Dock in Sept, Oct but travelling in November (TEPAI-Greek cruising tax is payable only for November)
  • Yacht is berthed in July travelling in August (TEPAI-Greek cruising tax is payable for August but for July “Out Of Use” status is required, see further below)

Notes from our experience

Paying the fees upfront will save you time from filling up the form again and you will avoid queuing to pay them again.

When your yacht is put in the hard for winter maintenance or is in long term berthing make sure you ask from the yard or marina administration office for a receipt and a written statement clearly mentioning the area where your yacht will be kept, the duration and who will be responsible. These documents will be needed to prove that you were not eligible for TEPAI-Greek Cruising Tax payment because your yacht was “Out of Use”.

“Out of Use” status has to be declared at the local Port Police before your departure, you will be asked to hand in your boat registration, it will be kept by the Port Police for the time you declare your ship as “Out of Use”, once you decide to start sailing again ship’s registration will be returned to you, “Out of Use” status will be deleted from Port Police logs and you will be required to start paying TEPAI again, this is especially true for yachts berthed in marinas long term.

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