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Our passion for excellence and yachting unites us, the team at North Star Marine Brokers is well informed and professional on every aspect of yacht sales, marketing and management, we encompass a vast portfolio of expertise. Our services and products come highly recommended.


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Good yacht management is the key to stress-free yachting. Whether buying, selling or refitting, the team at North Star Marine Brokers takes care of every detail of a yacht’s operation. We guarantee the protection of your investment as we have all the experience, ability and contacts you will ever need.

North Star Marine Brokers team of experts will work with clients, informing them of the various regulations and requirements so they can make the right decisions based on their particular circumstances.

Yacht Management

Our team brings with it expertise from the refit, supplier and regulatory sectors, allowing us to offer you real-world experience and solutions to your everyday yachting requirements.

Yacht SAles

When the time has arrived for your yacht to be sold we will act as your Central Agent (CA) to achieve a timely sale at the best price.

Yacht purchase

During the complex process towards yacht ownership, sound advice, correct direction, experience and a degree of intuition will guide you to a successful conclusion.


Laying up your boat for the winter correctly can prevent untold problems. Benefit from our experience and make sure your yacht is not left unprotected against the elements.


Try Our sales Process


Initially we research the competition. We then analyze the results and draw conclusions as to how we can achieve better product placement for your yacht in a greatly competitive environment


Depending on the level of exposure you require we draw a detailed roadmap with actions and excpected results. In case these are not achieved we return to the drawing board to review our strategy


We make sure that all the required actions are taken from both parties to reach a successfull outcome. We act as a point of contact for both. We thoroughly go through all the  paperwork required for a succesfull deal

The endless immensity of the sea…

If you want to build a ship don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea .

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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