About Us

Our goal is to present our clients with the highest standards possible.

We possess all the marketing skills of our larger competitors, advertise all our listings worldwide, but at the same time know each of our clients and their yachts on an individual and personal basis. Yacht ownership is a significant investment,  they are assets of high importance and managing them requires careful and calculated action.

how we started

North Star Marine is the result of the passion for yachting shared between an entepreneur and a marine industry consultant.

Our daily interaction with yacht owners and crew members made us realize that a large area for improvement exists in the quality of services currently being offered. In 2015 we decided to start our operations as a brokering business, as time progressed, clients kept coming back seeking consultation for a plethora of issues they were facing. Our common decision was that we needed to grow our portfolio of services and expand our business.

Yiannis M. Zenzefilis

peace of mind

We are here to make sure that your yacht will be safe and ready when yourself, your family or your guests need to get away…

we present solutions

We will work together with you to find the best solution for the problem you are facing.

Rest assured that you are in safe hands.





WE Got You Covered


North Star Marine Brokers will offer advice and reassurrance throughout this procedure. Our team will work together with you to guarantee an efficient and effective purchase.



We will make sure all work on your yacht is carried out responsibly and professionally. This way you can be certain that she will be ready for her next getaway.


We combine new and traditional techniques to promote your yacht. Our team will introduce your yacht to prospective buyers but also to our extensive network of yacht brokers and agents.

Looking to buy or sell

North Star Marine Brokers is able to deliver the most dynamic, successful sales and marketing programme to assist you in achieving a timely and efficient sale of your yacht. 

North Star Marine Brokers would like to to hear from you and present you with a comprehensive list of available market options for a successful yacht purchase.